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6 Hollywood Movies to Understand Marketing Automation

The brilliance of marketing automation has ignited a marketing revolution all over the globe. Having completely abode by the statement – the entertainment industry has ensured keeping up with the tradition of making movies which teach us about business, marketing, and technology. In fact, such that the concept is blended with the right salts of heeds to spread the word! 

Movies from the time of ‘12 Angry Men’ unto ‘The Social Network’ – have succinctly spoken of evergreen stories that will always inspire us – have walked a long way on the path of technology revolutions.

Below are a few renown handpicked Hollywood movies that countenance the same and teach us how to be successful with marketing automation;

  • Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

This is one of the most motivating and encouraging movies of all time. Absolutely a winner performance, “Pursuit of Happyness” revolves around the misfortunes encountered by a man while also how every individual who is a part of his life impacts his livelihood. 

From a marketing perspective, it mirrors the importance of branding and persistence. Throughout the entire movie, Chris has been a highly emotionally intelligent person who has stayed put and persistent, what come may.


Life and experiences taught him the meaning of understanding a situation and reacting appropriately enough to leave a mark. He symbolizes a pillar of sharp strength and courage when things fail to go his way – upholding his brand story. 

Chris grabs the fullest out of the opportunity he comes across as a layman and enters a dynamically competitive intern program promising a dedication of 6-months with no end-term guarantees.

Briefly underlining the aggressively combative corporate life of New York as depicted in the era, the movie puts light on how you can pave your way into an internet business by the experiences you collect. The approaches adopted by the protagonist in the movie embark of how technology can save one time and enable effective results. 

The coda of this movie itself shows of how Gardner is able to articulate and configure a multimillion-dollar brokerage firm by himself – preserving his dreams of being a big man on hitting his rock bottom. 

  • The Wolf of the Wall Street (2013)

Having quoted from the movie itself – “Any publicity is Good publicity” – Martin Scorsese’s “Wolf of the Wall Street” is an astute three-hour storyline depicting the journey of modern-day corporate life alongside real-time scandals that come handy! 

This movie focuses on the rampant impact aggressive selling tactics brought in the stockbroking industry. The idea sold is of staying far from maintaining a good image, rather, take advantage of any word spread in the name of your company to reap profits and stay in the limelight. 

Outstanding performances by all characters – significantly Leonardo Dicaprio as Belfort – who leads his colleagues with a rather distinctive but a quality example, recasting theories atrociously.


The movie also emphasizes the relevance of pitch in sales – with acute observation skills and a sharp mind to outsell any situation. He was in full awareness of who his audience was and said everything they yearned to hear, winning hearts with bits of nasty.

  • The GodFather (1972)

Remember the iconic, classic films which make our hearts smile when everything else fails? The GodFather, as well, remains to be an undying fable of inspiration. From the marketing point of view – The Godfather teaches the audience some significant concepts in subtle, yet insightful ways. 

Marketing automation is a concept that broadly focuses on blending reality with virtual techniques of marketing. Just as the poignant character of Mr. Corleone – bold, well-networked and willing to evolute with the required changes for progression – the concept demands the ability to accept, measure and find alternatives to the comprehension of a given scenario.

the godfather-k1k3m

Inspiringly quoted, “You do a favor for me, I’ll do a favor for you” directs to towards the vitality of value proposition between the business and the customer. As reflected from the movie, it is essential for a business to form a bond with the potential buyer; serving and satisfying with integrity and poise. This is then returned in the form of something just as irreplaceable – customer loyalty.

  • Pirates of the Silicon Valley (1999)

A fascinating biographical drama film encircling the rise of two of the most known and powerful names of the tech industry – Apple & Microsoft. The film puts light on the series of events that took place and bred the rivalry of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates on the development of the personal computer. It is an engaging movie and keeps your eyes hooked to the screen until the very last scene, exhibiting the advent of chasing and prying between the companies, the fiery rivalry and the ups & downs faced by both the protagonist in the play of fate. 

From the marketing automation viewpoint, the film briefly talks about the most elephantine revolution in technology – the evolution of the personal computer.


The era – as portrayed within the movie – was far from such a revolutionary technological advancement. Tasks were strictly manually-operated and traditional methods of communication were used. Hence, the storyline in itself embarked an automation-centric step towards the future. 

  • Walt Before Mickey (2015)

Every time, I sit to watch this movie, it brings a smile to my face. It symbolizes the value and power that art possesses. Walt Before Mickey is a feature film, as the name suggests, revolving around the rough obstacles amidst the journey of a spellbinding and captivating dream – Disney. It manifests the strength of persistence and acceptance of failure. 

Did you know that the initial idea in the mind of Walt was to grab headlines from newspapers and make animated stories out of them?

Walt before mickey-yzi5z

From facing harsh realities from the real world to pacing through each day understanding the minds of viewers & the enhancement of technology – Walt got the grip around his dream. 

  • Jerry Maguire (1996)

A blend of concept, life, romance & advent – Jerry Maguire is your most precious pick to understand marketing automation. In today’s digital world, businesses are in the high influence of digital marketing and content for the purpose of branding, in sheer replacement of the traditional methods akin “word of mouth”.

As quoted from the movie itself, “Personal relationships, Less clients, More attention.”, is a tagline used; which is a mouthful of wisdom. It embodies the significance of the relationship that digital marketing agencies and clients share as it directly affects the goodwill of an organization.


The movie reverberates of the cutthroat competitions in the sales, marketing, and advertising world digitally & by technologically advanced means as it coaches you of how to do righteous and efficient decision-making.

Films have a way with setting an impact on our minds about theories we’d actually fail or feel too bored to understand. Henceforth, if you stumble upon an inspirational movie then do make it a point to emulate the moral in real life.

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