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ViralCard Features

Call on click

Anyone can contact you simply by hitting the Call icon.

WhatsApp on click

Anyone can contact you simply by hitting the Call icon.Anyone can send you a WhatsApp message without saving your phone number.

Email on click

With a single click on the mail icon, anyone can send you an email.

Save Contact on click

Your contacts can be saved by simply hitting the save icon.

Easy Sharing

Share the card with your clients without saving the phone number!

Website Link

Your website can be accessed by simply clicking on the web icon.

Social Media Links

Simply clicking on the Social symbol will increase your social media visitors.

Map Navigation on click

People can find their way about your premises by simply clicking on the map button.

Share your ViralCard with anyone, anywhere.

You can share your ViralCard with anyone anywhere.
There are multiple ways to share your card:

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Social Media

QR code



Customize your ViralCard to match your brand.

ViralBulls goes beyond the basic contact information you see on other Digital Business Cards. ViralCard is the most customizable Digital Business Card. Include your preferred name, pronouns, and any accreditations on your digital business card. Add a logo of your organization or picture of yourself so people remember who you are which brings your card to life. Include your contact info, social media accounts, a company logo, your Location and more

Easily share and receive information through QR Code

Perfect for sharing your Contact information. Use a QR code to share your virtual business card, or send it via email, text, social media, and other methods. Your digital card can be received by anyone.

Why should you choose
ViralBulls ?

ViralBulls is the top-rated digital business card solution, and it’s utilised by people and businesses all around the world, from tiny businesses to large enterprises.
ViralBulls offers both free and premium plans, for those looking to enhance their individual experience or get their entire team or company on board with virtual business cards.

Create your ViralCard in easy steps!

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Create Your Digital Business Card Account.

Enter Contact Info

Add Contact Information, a Photo, a Logo, and Product Information.

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Your Digital Card Can Be Accessed From Anywhere At Any Time.

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We have a great business connection with viral bulls. We had worked with several other marketing companies in the past who didn't deliver results and I'm happy to say Viral Bulls is doing that for us. They help to bring our vision to life in a way that makes sense.

Pooja Chauhan

Director Marketer - URG Group

From implementing unique and latest techniques to appraising me at each step, they did wonders. Because of ViralBulls my business has touched new heights. I would highly recommend ViralBulls to each one out there. If you wish to expand your business multifolds without much hassle, then ViralBulls is the one stop solution for you!

Ayush Gupta

CEO - Sea Packaging

Their attentive, hands-on approach has made a real difference and we have seen growth across the board. If you want to take your Digital Marketing to the next level, talk to the experts in ViralBulls.

Yogita Galhotra

Marketing Head - Kaleva

Don't Let The Learning Stop with Viralbulls

Frequently asked questions

Get all your questions answered here.

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+  What is Viral Card?

Viral Cards is a digital format of paper visiting cards which is easy to share. It can contain all your personal information including (phone number, location, email id, business address). It saves time. Digital visiting cards won’t be lost, unlike the printed cards handed out are thrown out in less than a week.

+  Are Viral cards helpful?

For sure! It almost seems that digital business cards are accepted as a courtesy these days, but are then discarded like the plague just as soon as we’re out of sight from the person who handed it to us. No matter how glamorous someone’s business card is- fancy graphics, raised lettering, made of aluminium, etc. they just don’t seem to matter much these days. Why?
Because- “The digital revolution has made paper business cards obsolete”

+  How are smart visiting cards (viral cards) more important than traditional visiting cards?

In the digital era, everything will be digitalized the same as smart business cards will also be introduced in the market. It’s different from traditional business cards. In a smart viral card, you just need one physical business card in your pocket, it uses NFC and QR code technology. Just scan the QR Code in any mobile it may be an android or iOS phone. Your business details like Company Name, Phone Number, Email Id, Social Media Handles and more can save you as a contact.

+  How does a digital Viral card work?

One click HELLO allows you to make various computerized business cards with various data on each card, so you can have a card for your work reaches, one for customers or clients, and one for your companions. Not at all like other business card applications, with One click HELLO you can impart your card to anybody, regardless of whether they have the application. One click HELLO business cards are helpful. However long you approach your telephone, PC, or Apple Watch, you’ll never be without your business card. Since everything is on the web, you’ll never have to stress assuming your card supply is low and in the event that you want to arrange more. Computerized cards are likewise very adaptable.

+  Where can I sell Digital business card?

In today’s age of email and social media, selling a digital visiting card is not easy. If you have any specific USP you might be able to sell it via online e-com sites.

+  How important is it to have an attractive Viral card?

A well-designed business card captures the eye and creates a positive image of a company. A firm logo, tastefully displayed company information, and the use of the appropriate brand colours and typography all contribute to the card’s professional appearance. It allows customers to recognise a brand.
Business cards demonstrate that you are a professional who is serious about your work. If someone asks for a business card and you don’t have one, you’ll appear unprofessional and unprepared to conduct business. Good business cards are passed around and exchanged among contacts and co-workers.

+  What are SEO best practices?

For better and faster results, a company should align its content with search intent, optimise its images, improve the user experience for its consumers, and optimise its page speed.

+  How can I find technical SEO Errors?

Use the SEMrush tool to uncover problems and opportunities related to technical concerns. There are numerous reports available to assist in the correction of errors.

+  What should be the length of the page of content?

Always examine the top 5-10 pages to determine the page’s goal and duration in order to determine how long your content should be.

+  Why does organic traffic drop?

Check to see if the webpage has any index tags.

•Check Google Search Console to discover whether your site has been removed from the SERPs due to malware concerns.
•Manual actions can sometimes have an impact on sites.

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