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What Is Meme Marketing?

Meme marketing is the art of creating memes that represent a brand narrative and then distributing them across the Indian Meme Community.

In essence therefore... You effectively communicate your brand story to the designated target market while also making them laugh and making them feel relatable.

As opposed to making people feel cringe-worthy with standard "AD"-style content.

Meme marketing services provider

Why Meme Marketing?

The Indian Meme Culture has developed into an internet language today.

Today, almost all information is accessible via memes, including news, politics, entertainment, trolling, exchanging opinions, related content, and more!

We provide brands with this cutting-edge tool to launch their brand narratives in response to this transition, which creates a significant attention space for them to tap into.

Do you know what the best aspect of this whole situation is? Everyone consumes memes on social media like momo.

What Exactly Is the Indian Meme Community?

Meme Community is a collection of meme experts who produce memes in various formats.

This network includes meme influencers as well as Twitter users with 6K or fewer followers that publish spontaneous, amusing tweets about their lives that are chosen by meme pages with millions of followers or more.

The majority of people's consumption of memes comes from this community.

How Big Is Our Meme Community?


Meme Community Network

320 Million

Maximum potential reach
of our network


Average engagement rate
with respect to reach

What do we provide?

Funny Meme for Brands

By giving brand handles a fresh twist using our in-depth Internet culture Insights, we empower brands to cross this divide.

Meme Marketing Campaigns

We empower brands to boost their campaign narrative with the power of meme marketing as memes become such an integral component of social media.

Review Market Trends

Churning out relevant market trends that can connect with the brand or campaign narrative.

Meme Post Strategy

Our meme post strategy brings average engagement rate with respect to campaign reach.

Analyse Results

Evaluating a campaign's effectiveness based on the responses of the public and the target audience.

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