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PPC Marketing agency

Pay Per Click

Drive website traffic, build awareness & generate higher quality leads

Pay Per Click Pay Per Click Pay Per Click Pay Per Click Pay Per Click Pay Per Click Pay Per Click

We at ViralBulls assist your organization in mapping out its ideas and creating material that captures the attention of the public and increases the number of followers and consumers. We have experience working with well-known brands. For your social media marketing pages and websites, our content writing service providers create eye-catching, new, and sharp content. The writers assist you in growing your organization by providing the greatest content to boost sales and marketing.

PPC Marketing agency

PPC Marketing Agency in Noida

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a term that refers to the cost of a single click. It’s a website and search engine advertising tool for your services and products.

  • We can guarantee you the best PPC with the highest ROI thanks to our 3+ years of experience in paid search marketing campaigns. On Google Ads, Facebook, and any other social media network involved, we plan to reduce your expenditures while increasing your conversions.
  • We can develop effective PPC plans that convert to leads using years of research and analysis. Our reporting services are available in real time and can be scheduled for immediate and long-term performance tracking. We have a deeper understanding of your users and are better equipped to target them.

Our Working Process

PPC management service

How It Works?

Video Advertising

We deliver brand-effective advertising solutions and have world-class video experience to help you grow your business like never before. Movement and music are the most critical aspects of audience engagement, according to experts.

PPC Remarketing

With Viral Bull's experienced PPC Ad service, you may receive high-quality leads fast and expand your business and profit in a short period of time.

Social Advertising

Our social media team specializes in content generation and social media strategy. We have excellent networks in marketing communications generation, targeting, and delivery.

Display Advertising

Our team at Viral Bulls advises clients to employ display advertising since our primary goal is to contact as many relevant people as possible and persuade them to get interested in your company.

PPC services
PPC  Marketing agency

The Best PPC Services Help to get your services and products listed on search engines and websites.

Pay-Per-Click is an acronym for pay-per-click. It’s a website and search engine marketing tool for promoting your services and products.

Benefits of PPC Ads

Provide instant traffic

Reach audiences cost-effectively

Drive warm leads

PPC management service

PPC ads offer multi-layered targeting options

PPC ads are easy to produce

Increase brand exposure

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We have a great business connection with viral bulls. We had worked with several other marketing companies in the past who didn't deliver results and I'm happy to say Viral Bulls is doing that for us. They help to bring our vision to life in a way that makes sense.

Pooja Chauhan

Director Marketer - URG Group

From implementing unique and latest techniques to appraising me at each step, they did wonders. Because of ViralBulls my business has touched new heights. I would highly recommend ViralBulls to each one out there. If you wish to expand your business multifolds without much hassle, then ViralBulls is the one stop solution for you!

Ayush Gupta

CEO - Sea Packaging

Their attentive, hands-on approach has made a real difference and we have seen growth across the board. If you want to take your Digital Marketing to the next level, talk to the experts in ViralBulls.

Yogita Galhotra

Marketing Head - Kaleva

Don't Let The Learning Stop with Viralbulls

Frequently asked questions

Get all your questions answered here.

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+  Where do PPC ads appear?

They display at the top of the search results list and down the right side.

+  How does an ad look like?

The appearance of an advertisement can vary depending on the search engine you use to promote it.

+  What sites are offered for PPC ads?

• Google AdWords
• Bing ads
• Yahoo: Search ads

+  What should be the components of the PPC ads?

The PPC ads includes components such as: •Headline
•Display URL
•Destination URL

+  How to find the best keywords to put in an ad?

You’ll need to build a list of keywords that will cause your ad to show up in popular searches. To choose keywords, you can utilize tools.

+  What is Broad Match?

Customers that perform queries that are related to your keywords will see your ad in this match.

+  What is an exact match?

Customers will only see your advertisement if they type in the exact keyword or phrase you specified.

+  What is a negative match?

You can use this to pick terms that you don’t want your ad to appear next to when someone types the keyword into the search bar.

+  How to target the PPC ad?

Device, Location, and Language are the three basic targeting options.

+  How to manage a PPC campaign?

• Make landing pages for your advertisements.
• Make the adverts.
• Keep an eye on the numbers.

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