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Why Your Google Ads Campaign not Performing ?

google ads  campaign

When was the last time you took a look around at your Google Ads campaign and account? By this, I mean when you got under the hood and analyzed what exactly has been going on with all those ads that are being run for you. If your firm is like many businesses, you’re most likely content with the base level pre-cultured report that Google gives you as well as any suggestions that Google happily offers to you as a guide to improving your performance, but you still aren’t seeing the performance going up that you were expecting. Google offers this information as a convenience, which gives you a nice direction, but at the end of the day, it is only you and your team who truly know what is good for your business.

The reasons that may be the factor due to which your business is not having an uptick are given below:-

Not using a proper landing page:

It is a mistake to not have a proper difference between your website pages and landing pages, as both
serve two different purposes. While it can help save resources by using your website pages for ads, this
is a costly mistake.
Consumers will be using the keywords you are bidding on for a specific reason; they are looking for
something specific. If they click on your ad and are taken to a general page that does not speak directly
to these keywords, they’re likely to return and your invested amount would be wasted.
When this scenario happens, Google understands that searchers are not getting what they want and it
will finally drop from the ad list, which leads to limited delivery of your ads as well as an increase in your
cost-per-click, which would then lead to a no-winning situation due to the loss. What you can do instead
is to give the users the content they are clicking for without any missing guidance.

You are not able to calculate what the ROI is:

Failing to measure your return on investment is a fundamental mistake that will cause you to waste
advertising costs.
If simply said, without measuring ROI, one will be unable to know whether or not they are making money
and at what margin it is. Making sure one has an accurate measurement of how much money is worth
investing in one paid ad effort is the first step towards making financially significant improvements to your
website. What you can do instead is track the data analytics to improve your CRM.

Not using Proper keyword category:

From a tactical perspective, keyword categories decide the size of the impact the ad will have on an
audience. If you simply say that you use a broad keyword category, you will reach a broad number of
people. If you use any other type of category, you will be narrowing the audience. What you can do
instead is to map out your keywords alongside your customer base and look for areas where the two do
not align and remove the keywords accordingly.

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