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What’s New in Social Advertising

We all know it can be hard to keep up with the constant changes in the digital marketing landscape. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Check out the latest updates to several social advertising platforms, and see how they can possibly help your business!


Outcome Driven Ad Experiences (ODAX) 

Earlier this year, Meta announced it would be restructuring its campaign objectives to make it easier for advertisers to choose their desired business goals. As of July 2022, all new campaigns in the Ads Manager interface have been switched to this new format. By moving to an Outcome-based Ads Manager, Meta is facilitating optimal campaign creation to help achieve those outcomes. 

So what does this change look like? Instead of the typical 10 campaign options that we are used to seeing in the interface, they have been reduced to six objectives: Awareness, Traffic, Engagement, Leads, App Promotion, and Sales. 

ODAX was built to help businesses navigate through the platform more efficiently. By simplifying the advertising objectives to be more applicable to the broader marketing industry, advertisers can more effectively communicate their desired business goals. 

Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns

On August 15th, Meta announced their new product, Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns. This new tool uses AI to automate the creation of campaigns and is powered by new machine learning models to help ecommerce and retail advertisers make the most out of their advertising budget. Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns are designed to be an efficient solution for businesses focused on performance and wanting to drive conversions from the platform. 

By eliminating the manual steps of ad creation, Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns are able to automate up to 150 creative combinations at once. You can create up to eight Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns per country that are designed to give the algorithm more opportunities to reach users who are likely to purchase your product(s).

By using Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns, you can: 


Pinterest API for Shopping, Product Tagging for Pins, Catalog Video, and Shop Tab 

Recently, Pinterest introduced several new merchant features to help businesses create a more immersive shopping experience on the platform. With discovery and shoppable commerce being at the forefront of digital marketing trends for years to come, these new features will allow Pinterest to facilitate a more engaging shopping experience for the millions of Pinners.

Pinterest API for Shopping: This new merchant feature enables businesses to manage their inventory and provide shoppers on Pinterest with more real-time, accurate information. Some of the notable features include:

  • Uploading and managing feeds, using the API to pause feed ingestion, obtain feed status, control scheduling, and receive errors and alerts;
  • Creating and managing product groups by using filters to group items into product groups;
  • Updating product metadata in real-time;
  • Reducing bandwidth usage by the API only updating the items that need to be updated. 

Product Tagging for Pins: This is a new shopping feature that allows businesses to make their Pins shoppable and easily turn Pinners’ inspiration into action. Product tagging makes it simple for Pinners to simply purchase the items they see in your images. 

Catalog Video: Pinterest has introduced the option for merchants to include video in their product catalog, allowing pinners to view the products from every angle. With video being an extremely powerful format amongst all social media platforms, this update may help move the needle on consumer decision-making and drive more conversions. 

The Shop Tab: Pinterest Business profiles give businesses a simple way to display shoppable products to browsing users with the Shop Tab. This new feature allows merchants to manage and customize their product groups directly on their Shop Tab, and the new interface serves to enhance the activity of shopping directly on Pinterest. 


Checkout on Snapchat for Shopify Merchants 

In a recent announcement, Snapchat has communicated the launch of its own sales channel that integrates directly with Shopify. For those businesses that use Shopify, there is now an easy way for customers to browse and checkout directly within the Snapchat app. Similar to other social media sales channels, Checkout on Snapchat eases the consumer journey to discover your brand and products. Not to mention the Shopify integration makes it that much easier for your business to set it up. 

Ready to get started? Download the Snapchat Ads app in Shopify to begin the process of setting up your Store and Checkout on Snapchat!

Looking for something new to test in this quarter? These updates are a great way to amp up your social media advertising strategy! With constantly changing platforms and new product releases, being aware of the latest in digital marketing updates is key. 

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