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What Is Meme Marketing? Everything You Should Know.

What Is Meme Marketing?

Memes have evolved to become the voice of Social Media now, and the landscape of conversations that are happening through Memes has become so huge that a person only needs to follow a couple of Meme Pages/Meme Influencers to stay updated on what has been happening around the world. Therefore, politics, cryptocurrency, movies, relatable content, trolling, opinions, news, and infinitely many more conversations on the internet today are being consumed in the form of Memes. While that’s probably because even in the year of 2022, many brands are still thinking of coming up with a branded versions of viral Meme Trends and having them posted on their brand handle is Meme Marketing, and in all honesty, that would be a great first move to get closer to the Meme Culture. Meme Marketing, but the major concern is that many brands are not curious enough to see what has been the bigger picture with respect to Memes. It has always been an art of packaging any kind of brand narrative in the form of Memes.

How are memes in digital culture?

Firstly, memes are only spread through social media platforms on the Internet and are shared by people through funny pictures, GIFs, and other content. While nowadays, graphic design and digital marketing are impossible without great quality video content for SEO and meme-like advertising used for brand development and identity, and such approaches humanise brands, which can bring them closer to the public, and that is what businesses need nowadays. Humor and relatability mixed in tweets or Instagram posts make more sense than posting articles with hundreds of words, and now we can observe how graphic design and digital marketing have erased any barriers that would be between social and business memes.

Why are memes needed?

They are engaged:

It has been estimated that internet users spend around 145 minutes on social media every day. While these people are there to watch cat videos, share jokes, and take their minds off everything that’s bothering them in their real life, on social media, 77% of users follow these pages to avail coupons and discounts, and since there are only limited promo codes one can post to generate activity, memes are a good way to reach out to customers who might not be aware of the brand.

It makes the brand relatable.

While most brands in today’s time are using a more relaxed approach to connect with their customers and often utilising a casual tone, a few have taken things a step further by adding some twist in the mix, and all of this is done to make a brand less robotic and somewhat human, while customers need to know that these firms don’t represent a stuck-up corporate entity but something that’s much more lively, and this is where memes come in. While nothing lets the humanity of a brand shine through quite what humour does, there are different shades of meme marketing. Some brands even make memes at their own expense to gain a lot of traction as a result. 

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