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Instagram Marketing 101: using hashtags, stories, reels, etc.

Instagram marketing

As far as social media advertising and marketing channels go, Instagram has been the main power player for quite some time.And that’s particularly true for eCommerce organisations who get access to a visible-centered platform with enthusiastic fans and excessive engagement.

In the past few years, Instagram has grown and advanced at a fee much like Facebook, adopting new features at a lightning-speedy price and turning them into even greater value to traders and users alike.

In this blog, let’s see all the basics for Instagram advertising and marketing, inclusive of the way to optimise your profile, the way to create high-engaging posts, a way to get more results with both feed and tales content, and a way to compare your development on the platform.


Instagram is a staple of many small businesses’ marketing campaigns. And for the most important reasonsIt has a massive and varied audience that is glad to engage with brands, resulting in excessive engagement.

Studies and case research have established these advantages certainly, locating that they could translate at once into income and leads.

Remember that: 80% of customers observe at least one logo on Instagram, with 60% of these users stating they’ve found new services or products via the platform. At least 30% of Instagram users have bought merchandise they discovered on Instagram. 65% of top-appearing Instagram posts surely function as products.

People are happy to follow manufacturers on Instagram, and they’re actively discovering and buying merchandise on the platform. That’s a large win. Also really worth noting is Instagram’s persevering efforts to embrace trade.


Hashtags began on Twitter, and whilst they in no way took off on Facebook, they’re a staple of Instagram advertising. Simply by including text after the # symbol in an Instagram caption, bio, or story, you could flip any phrase or word right into a clickable subject.

When customers click on it, they’ll be taken to all the public posts tagged with that hashtag. Perhaps even more significantly, customers can now additionally comply with hashtags that interest them. This presents them with the circulation of content and the use of hashtags, although they don’t see the poster. It’s an excellent way for users to find the content they’re curious about, and for merchants to enlarge their content.


To maximise your reach and get the maximum consequences out of your Instagram advertising and marketing, you need to use the right types of Instagram hashtags.

Six key types of hashtags can be essential for e-commerce corporations to incorporate into their advertising strategy.

  • Branded hashtags

Most manufacturers will (and have to) have a unique brand hashtag. They’ll connect this to every post in the area of their profile and encourage customers to connect it to any posts wherein they’re sharing consumer-generated content. It can encompass your brand name, but it doesn’t need to. Style Nova’s # NovaBabe hashtag is one example.

  • Contest hashtags:

These hashtags are a kind of branded hashtag created for a selected contest. These are often used to become aware of contest entries for picture submission contests and to generate contest focus. In addition to the primary branded hashtag contest, popular contest hashtags such as # instacontest and # giveaway must be included.

  • Standard appeal hashtags: 

There are certain hashtags that are popular among a huge and varied audience. These assist you to get widespread attainment in your posts because they’re more likely to be sought out. Examples include #nofilter, #antiques, #ilovemyjob, and #puppylove.

  • Area of interest-precise hashtags: 

Every industry has terms and key phrases that can be applied only to their target audience. These hashtags will give you the same reach as the general-enchantment hashtags, but they will bring you more relevant site visitors, such as # HarryPotter (if you’re selling Harry Potter earrings).

  • Timely hashtags: 

Modern-day activities and seasonal vacations could make tremendous hashtags, in particular when you issue promoting-targeted vacations like Valentine’s Day or Christmas. People are likely to be looking for relevant content right now, so use some # ValentineForMe and # stocking stuffer hashtags.

  • Enjoyable hashtags: 

They will, however, entertain your target market and help you establish your logo.They’re supposed to be purely humorous or clever, and that’s it. # iknowitstooearlyforchristmasstuff and # thisiswhyweallhatemonday are two examples.In many cases, amusing hashtags may be grouped together, one after the other, to tell a story, such as #iknowitstooearlyforchristmasstuff #toobad #it’shereanyway.

For excellent outcomes, do research on every one of these hashtags, and use combos of various hashtags in each class on your posts. This will support your branding even as it enables you to reach the biggest and most relevant target audience feasible.


Hashtag utilisation is one of the biggest elements to deciding your achievement on Instagram, and they’re unsurprisingly a little tough to crack. Fortunately, the subsequent quality practises will help you maximise your attainment and your outcomes:

Listing your branded hashtag in your profile

Function any entertaining hashtags at the very start of your hashtag listing, wherein they’re most likely to be read.

Use a wide variety of hashtags. The limit is 30 hashtags, according to the publisher. However, numerous case studies have discovered that someplace between eight to eleven hashtags for every post might be the sweet spot, specifically if you diversify the varieties of hashtags.

Switch up your hashtags. Don’t use the same hashtags on every submission. Create a list of hashtags that you can cycle through for distinctive posts. It is not the simplest way to increase your visibility to one-of-a-kind audiences, but it can also protect your account from being flagged as spammy using Instagram.

Take time to discover each hashtag. This could assist you to discover new hashtags for your goal and make sure that you don’t accidentally use a banned hashtag or jump on a subject without knowing what it means.


Instagram stories started as an upload-on function borrowed from Snapchat: a way to percentage quick-lived images and films that disappear in 24 hours with your followers.

But it’s advanced into a critical part of the platform. Tales led to tale ads, and now Instagram has given us Highlights so that our testimonies can stay on for all time. Permits check how to use them.


There is a spread of techniques that you could use to get consequences from Instagram. You can benefit your business in different ways.

  • Share content created by your audience
  • Acquire content from your audience
  • Share moments from events
  • Be authentic
  • Go live


Instagram has its own local analytics gear, which could provide you with an abundance of facts about your on-platform performance. Observing those analytics is the most effective for Instagram for enterprises.

To get entry to your analytics, go to your profile page, after which click on the graph symbol in the top right-hand corner.

Under your Instagram Analytics, you’ll be capable of seeing essential performance records just like the following:

  • Total number of profile visits
  • The overall number of internet site clicks
  • Total attain (the wide variety of unique debts who noticed your posts)
  • Overall impressions (the overall number of times your posts had been regarded)
  • The overall performance of each put up, along with engagement and impressions
  • Total number of perspectives on your stories

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