IGTV Video: How Brands Will Use It


IGTV Video is one of the most useful and effective content formats available in the current digital selling environment. Since its launch in 2018, Instagram’s dedicated video platform, IGTV, has gradually improved in quality. Businesses now have more room to exhibit their whole portfolio on IGTV, which has not only increased the potential for engagement and conversions on the platform.

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A video platform called IGTV may be used in place of or in addition to Instagram. It is made for viewing long-form videos up to an hour long while on the go. Users and brands can decide whether to create channel-specific content or link to videos they’ve already posted to Instagram.

The advantages of using IGTV versus YouTube are numerous. First and foremost, there aren’t any adverts, so your viewers will be able to watch your material uninterrupted. Users no longer need to hold their phones horizontally to view IGTV because it is also designed to be used on smartphones. Also, IGTV streams videos from accounts that users already follow on Instagram, preventing them from having to start following new people and brands everywhere.

You might introspect to yourself as you wait, “Wait. Is this, though, really any different from Instagram Stories? Though they are very different, IGTV and Stories do share certain commonalities. Stories only last 24 hours until you save them to your Highlights, but IGTV videos remain on your channel indefinitely until you manually delete them. In contrast, you can only upload 15-second films to Stories, although IGTV has a one-hour time limit. The key difference between the two is that while Stories is just linked within the Instagram app, IGTV is a standalone app.

You can share an IGTV video to your newsfeed in a variety of ways. Choose the post button to get started. Then, pick your camera and one of the following four posting choices:

If you choose the Publish option, you might need to keep pressing the circle button throughout your movie.

You can choose to publish your video to IGTV for public viewing after completing one of the posting options. Alternatively, you might like to transfer a video from your device’s Gallery.

What proportion of Brands abuse IGTV?

One of the most flexible app company firm choices on social media is IGTV. It’s not necessary to own expert video redaction abilities to provide fantastic IGTV films to viewers. Marketers will be able to create and publish professional-looking videos from the palm of their hands with the help of the plugins described above.

Also, IGTV has made it much simpler for brands to reuse previous video material and distribute it across numerous channels. These choices make it easier for marketers to increase views, impressions, and conversions.

On IGTV, influencers are getting even more creative. This opportunity aids brands in using IGTV to increase credibility and grow their audience. Additionally, marketers are also utilising IGTV advertisements to “piggyback” off the popularity of pertinent, well-liked video posts on Instagram.

There are numerous ways you may increase the visibility of your business with this popular software.

Repurpose previously released video content: This is frequently an excellent opportunity to use popular video content and give it new life. Repurpose Facebook, YouTube, or live-stream footage that you’ve already shared.

Create a niche audience by using only your content: To encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel, share exclusive content with them. This could include covert movies, business gatherings and events, trade exhibits, and much more. You may even share personal anecdotes with the audience or give them a tour of your office. There are countless possibilities!

Focus on the characteristics of the product in the tutorial videos: IGTV can be used to combine new products with the tutorial, how-to, and webinar videos. As these videos often don’t have an expiration date, they make fantastic evergreen content.

Organize Q&A Sessions: Responding to your audience’s questions will help you increase engagement while giving them useful information. Gather the most frequently asked client questions, then address them in a video. You can answer many different questions by using the “Questions” sticker in Instagram Stories and responding to them in your subsequent IGTV episode.

Guidelines for IGTV

You must tailor your videos for the channel and the audience you are marketing to, just like you would with any other social media campaign.

The following are a few things to bear in mind as you create content:

Try out different video durations. Shorter films typically generate more engagement, but try out longer videos as well. To learn how your audience reacts to your videos, use IGTV analytics. You may get information about audience retention and engagement here.

Syndicate your IGTV video: Via Instagram Stories, promote your IGTV content. Ensure that you include a teaser of your material and a direct link to your video. Promote your videos on Facebook and Twitter as well as other alternative social media sites.

Upload vertical videos—IGTV is designed for them. A 9:16 ratio is ideal.

Get your videos optimised: There are a few methods for optimising your IGTV channel and content. Use pertinent keywords in your descriptions to help viewers find the videos that are most important to them. Moreover, give your film a captivating title that is between 18 and 20 characters long.

Examples of how brands utilize IGTV include Vogue. Sharing the sweet-toothed celebrity secrets in North America.

Vogue has long been the heir apparent in the sweets industry, but younger, trendier beauty periodicals are now seriously challenging its dominance. With a 2020 twist, it goes back to its beginnings in its IGTV series “Beauty Secrets.” In the series, a number of the top influencers of today test out cosmetics and divulge their tips to curious viewers. Although it’s a brilliant idea at any time, many women need to appear runway-perfect on their Zoom calls during the coronavirus outbreak. Even with the proper makeup, people can appear worn out or even exhausted. They have the appropriate response thanks to Vogue.

The humor-making capacity of Netflix

In a now-viral IGTV video, Cole Sprouse, the star of Netflix’s flagship program Riverdale, was seen feeding a hamburger, bringing hilarity to the forefront. The video, which was specifically made for the show’s fans, increased the audience’s enjoyment of their favorite character.

Reese’s and Food Network spread Cups were recycled in the background.

Who wouldn’t need to know how the creamy spread enters its lifeless chocolate shell, though? Irina Weber, whose Social Media Examiner piece we previously quoted, lauded the candy company for its astute decision to upload an explanation video about how the business manufactures long-lasting sweets. This delicious video was recycled from a Facebook post from 2016 and is sure to appeal to a fresh audience.

Milk Makeup – How-toss from beauty influencers

User-generated material can be a potent consideration when attracting new clients, as we tend to realize sooner. On their IGTV channel, Milk Makeup leverages both customer and testimonials from beauty influencers. Undecided customers will have the courage to click “Buy” after seeing these famous people endorsing and proving the effectiveness of the makeup.

Once your IGTV channel is up and running and you’ve released a few videos, you could discover that your team could create more content if it didn’t have to spend so much time programming, automating, and maintaining your postings. We’ll make things easier.

With the help of our social media management tool, you can easily manage your content across all platforms, including Instagram and, soon, IGTV. Get in touch with the North American nation right now to learn more about how our team will continue to be at your organization’s disposal.

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