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How To Grow Business On Instagram – 6 Proven Tips

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How To Grow Business On Instagram – 6 Proven Tips, article by ViralBulls – Social Media Agency in India Brings you the proven tips from experts on how to grow Business on Instagram. Instagram has always been famous due to aspiring travelers and food photography, but these days, social media has gone up to an entirely different scenario. Businesses of any size in each industry have noticed that there is a huge potential of customers who are daily browsing through sellers’ posts at every opportunity, whether be it in a line, on the bus, or at work. Its mobile marketing has been critical to the growth of a company.


Instagram, which started in 2010 and was absorbed by the social media giant Facebook in 2012, has 700 million daily active users. Of these, 400 million users check out the Instagram stories regularly, and the most important stat concerning Instagram for business is that 72% of Instagram users have been purchasing one product or service that they saw on their feed. After doing a quick bit of math, one can realise that of the 700 million daily users, 500 million or just over half have made some kind of purchase from Instagram.

Here are six proven tips on how to grow your business on Instagram:

Growing a business on Instagram takes some thoughtful time and attention, and here are six proven steps to get yourself started.

  • Improve your bio

Starting at the very tip of the iceberg, Does your bio have a perfect picture to reflect your business or yourself? Do you have an engaging description of your products and services? Have you added the link to your shopping website? Are you using any kind of clickable hashtag in your bio?

If your answer is “no” to any of these questions, start by refining and perfecting your Instagram bio.

  • Post unique and pleasing content

Instagram has always been a visual medium, and being eye-catching is key. As you don’t have to be professionally sound to be able to post great content, but it should have an effort to be unique, high-quality photographs that are curated and edited in a good fashion.

  • Developing a consistent posting schedule

People buy the products and services from those businesses that they trust. The way to build a relationship is by posting your content consistently and sticking to that schedule.

  • Play with Instagram Stories & Reels

  This tool gives your picture a life. While a picture has always been a brief snapshot, stories and reels can give a more in-depth presentation and present that company with a much-needed personality. They also offer the chance for interaction with the polls and other widgets that offer instant feedback and also easier access to links. And also stories that previously disappeared in 24 hours, but now it offers tools to organise those in your bio.

  • Get into the flow of your industry’s hashtags

Think of these hashtags as signposts that are direct services to your potential customers towards your page. This organises and presents content so that the users can find and follow their interests, and posts with at least one hashtag have more engagement than those without.

  • Analyze the data

 These hashtag strategies and posting won’t mean anything if you aren’t showing the percentage of engagement, which you can see through the Instagram Analytics tool to see how each of your posts is doing. Click “view insights” to see who is checking your content and how they accessed it, and who the ones that clicked on your bio are. 

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