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How to Find the Dofollow & High DA bookmarking sites?

High DA social bookmarking websites

Bookmarking sites play very important role to improve your brand awareness.  Bookmarking sites are not designed for SEO purpose means getting the backlink . If you are new in SEO and thing that these sites will help in ranking then you are on wrong path.

There are many techniques to find the good social bookmarking sites. ViralBulls-top social media agency in India use the following techniques to search the new sites.

  • Forum: Forum site also a good source to find the bookmarking sites. Many experts are available here to guide you to search the sites. Newbie Seo experts create the thread on forum sites such “how to find the good social bookmarking site “ then they receive the good answer from the expert.  You should visit SEO forums for social bookmarking sites.
  • Blogger: if you are searching the top social bookmarking sites in Google then you will find the top blogger site in SERP that will have the latest list of the bookmarking sites. They also update your blog on regular interval.  So Bloggers can help to find the good sites.
  • Join SEO Groups on social Media:  Everyone know that value of the social media in this era. I will advise you to join best seo Groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ to find the list of new social bookmarking sites.
  • Google Search Queries:  You can also find the list of Dofollow social bookmarking sites by using the Google search queries as Google displays updated sites on top in SERP for all queries, So you can also find the list of updated free social bookmarking sites. Some bloggers and digital marketer always keep your blog up to date by adding quality content on their blog at regular interval. We also update our blog on weekly basis, So you can also find the update list of Dofollow social bookmarking sites on our blog .

Social bookmarking sites allow the sponsor Ads?

Really, Social bookmarking sites earn the money by placing the advertiser ads.

I started the paid marketing campaign on and I got the good traffic on my blog. In starting, I have faced some problem to creating the ads here.

You can also promote your business on bookmarking sites USA through Paid and Free.

Sometime these sites charge too much to placing the ads, it’s also depending on your website Niche.

Pros of Using Free Social Bookmarking Submission Sites 2022

  • A social bookmarking site is the right source to drive the relevant traffic. Hence the blogger and digital marketing expert use these social bookmarking sites to create the back link.
  • You can easily signup on some high pr social bookmarking sites and share your newly published blog here and your post will go live instantly.
  • Social bookmarking sites allow you to generate the backlink for your blog easily.
  • Create the more exposure for your content as you bookmark your own links.
  • Social bookmarking submission is a pure white hat technique that used by top bloggers. You can see good effect on ranking if you are using this technique properly..
  • Social bookmarking sites also help in indexing your newly post. Google Crawler index your post when it find your post on social bookmarking sites.

Cons of using Dofollow Social bookmarking sites

  • You also know that many low authority social bookmarking sites Australia are available online that allow us to share your links, but such type SBM sites ca heart your blog SEO and your ranking might be dropped. So choose only high quality social bookmarking submission sites and post your links on them and improve your brand awareness.
  • I have noticed that many blogger and SEO expert use the same title and description almost all social bookmarking sites. It’s not good SEO tactics. So avoid using the same description and save your blog from spamming.
  • Many social bookmarking sites are hosted on same IP, So first check the IP address on social bookmarking sites, if you find same IP then avoid these sites as sometime google panelize this type sites that are hosted on same IP and allow the users for spamming.

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