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9 Different Types of Sites You Can Build with WordPress

9 Different Types of Sites You Can Build with WordPress

One of the most widely used platforms is WordPress, a fantastic CMS. WordPress makes it simple for
you to build the website of your dreams without any prior technological knowledge. To get your website
up and running, you don’t need to spend a lot of money.

Almost any type of website is possible to build. We’ll only cover a small percentage of the different kinds
of websites that may be made using WordPress in this manual. WordPress is a user-friendly programme
that facilitates the development of scalable commercial websites. Since it is a platform that is beneficial
to search engines, most businesses prefer it.

9 Types Of Sites Build With WordPress

Personal Website or Blog

In its early years, WordPress was mostly used to build blogs. To offer a superior blogging platform was
one of the main driving forces behind establishing it. This type of website, created with a content
management system, is still the most fundamental and widely utilised.

Even though WordPress is now much more widely used, it still excels as a blogging platform, especially
when compared to the most widely used alternatives, such as Blogger, Joomla!, and Tumblr. Whether
you want to create a blog for your personal or business use, WordPress has more than enough
functionality to meet your needs.

Since its introduction, the CMS has advanced significantly. It has a tonne of templates and plugins that
will help you improve your SEO while also enabling you to create your own distinctive blog.

Websites for Businesses

Due to the large number of themes it offers, WordPress is used by several global and important regional
brands all over the world. For enterprises, it’s crucial to have the right tools and a polished approach to
product presentation. WordPress includes a plethora of extensions to help make it more user-friendly,
and it also makes it simple to add images and videos to your website. Some of the most recognizable
companies in the world, including Sony Music and Mercedes-Benz, use WordPress.

Websites for E-Commerce

WordPress is increasingly the platform of choice for businesses just entering the eCommerce space. Extensions can be used to manage deliveries, sales tax, inventories, and payments. Most WordPress-
based online store owners utilise WooCommerce as their e-commerce platform.

There are other free and paid plugins available that can help you set up your online business in addition
to WooCommerce. The fact that WordPress can now offer a reliable eCommerce experience shows how far it has come since its foundation. The platform grows with each new release, adding ever-more
features to the mix.

Wiki Sites

It may seem difficult to create your own Wiki site, and it will surely take up a lot of your time. You’ll also
need to conduct a tonne of research in order to complete things correctly. WordPress is available to help
you create an excellent wiki site for you and the knowledge base of your choice.

Once you’ve found out how to make a wiki function, you’ll need to know where to begin once the website
is live. We’ll walk you through a few steps so you can build your own WordPress Wiki site.

Websites for Social Media
Let’s start by examining the fact that WordPress is used to power Facebook Newsroom. Facebook is a
social networking platform that cannot be avoided. You may try utilising WordPress to build a similar
website or even just a small online group of people who have similar interests. WordPress can help you
set up a forum as well, and it has a registration code plugin that can help you fend off trolls.

Just take some time to browse other social networking sites. Use your imagination and research the
most crucial elements. You may even incorporate a wiki page into your own social media accounts,
depending on the kind of group you’re promoting.

Affiliate Websites

Want to monetize your user base by recommending goods and services to them? WordPress is used by
millions of marketers to create very successful affiliate websites. It includes a tonne of plugins and tools
for affiliate marketing that can help you boost your earnings.

You have the option of signing up for individual affiliate programmes or establishing a single, sizable
affiliate network-based Amazon business.

News Websites

It should come as no surprise that WordPress is a great platform for building news websites. Many tools
and strategies have been created to make WordPress-based websites more SEO-friendly as a result of
the platform’s popularity. For a news website, this is especially important because it might put you ahead
of your many rivals online straight away.

By default, posts can contain text and images, and WordPress also offers a comment section, which is
crucial for news websites. By granting paid members access to premium content while limiting access for
everyone else, additional plugins can aid in the monetization of your work.


A few years ago, WordPress themes all seemed to have been made from the same mould. Thankfully,
things have come a long way since then. WordPress themes currently available in all different forms and sizes and cover almost every imaginable specialty. Because of the platform’s extensive design options,
artists, designers, photographers, and a host of other professionals have flocked to it.

Question/Answer Website

People may support one another and share their expertise and experiences over the internet, which can
be a truly lovely place. A Q&A website is a good choice if you want to take part in this never-ending
information exchange.

Despite the fact that WordPress plugins like AnsPress do not come with this feature by default, they can
still be of use. You can make your website’s Q&A section the main attraction or just a small portion of it.
The plugin includes a voting mechanism, reCAPTCHA, push notifications, support for several languages,
and other features.

WordPress, as you can see, makes it simple to construct a range of things that aren’t only about
blogging. Most of these applications don’t even require you to be a programmer. Additionally, you may
engage the top WordPress developers from this location, who will offer enormous solutions that highlight
WordPress’s usability, open-source nature, and limitless integration possibilities, making it a highly
alluring choice for people of all technical skill levels.

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