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6 Digital Marketing Tools a Digital Marketing Agency is Using Today For Website and Business

6 Digital Marketing Tools That Agency Uses

Digital Marketing Tools Helps to Automate the task and save time and effort and help in Delivering result quickly. These article provide in depth information on marketing tools used by Digital marketing agency these days.

What is Digital Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing Agency tools
i. Whatagraph
ii. Asana
iii. CoSchedule
iv. MockPlus
v. MobileMonkey
vi. Placeit

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A digital marketing agency makes a tonne of money. It is a large industry for everyone to grow that
agency. You need to focus on the following things when you’re starting an agency today: They are
Focus on getting niche expertise, client acquisition, delivering amazing services and results,
documenting processes, self-management, hiring, and staffing.
When we hire a digital marketing agency, we need to make sure of the following things: They are
i. Hire a digital marketing agency that has traffic to their website. If someone doesn’t have traffic to
their website, how are they going to get traffic to your website? Everyone claims they can do
SEO, or they can do paid advertising, or they’re good at conversion optimization.
ii. Look at case studies and testimonials.
iii. Looking for someone who’s tactical
iv. You need to make sure that the people working on your account within these agencies are
v. You need to have regular communication.

There are some top famous Digital Marketing Agencies in the world. They are,
i. Ignite Visibility
ii. Power Digital
iii. Smart sites
iv. Lounge Lizard

v. WebFX
vi. SocialSEO
vii. Thrive
viii. Big Leap
ix. PBJ
x. 3 Media web

This tool will track your data and it’ll generate a result or report for us based on the search we’ve given.
Whatagraph makes marketing agencies and in-house marketing teams create beautiful reports quickly.
It’ll automatically pull data from 40+ different sources into your reports instead of creating them manually
and sending them again.
In whatagraph, we can
i. Create a report from a template.
ii. Create a report using the smart builder.
iii. Write a report from the ground up.
iv. Report personalization and branding
v. Widget configuration
vi. Calendar configuration
vii. Report distribution and automation
In the report, you can find various types of widgets associated with a variety of metrics and channels,
and those include visual charts and many other things based on our searches.
We can also use the smart builder for relevance if you’re looking to save time building the report. i.e.,
choose Facebook and Google Analytics to see social and traffic information.

Asana is also a famous digital marketing tool. With Asana, you can plan and manage team projects and
tasks. So nothing falls through the cracks. It helps your team to do their best work by making sure they know who’s doing what for whom. So everyone can follow the plan and do the right work at the right time.
You can set big goals and ambitious deadlines and chart a path to show how you’ll get there. So every
project can be a success when you manage your work in Asana. You have the freedom to organise projects in a way that’s best for you and your team can focus on what’s most important to do more with less effort and do great things together.


CoSchedule is a family of agile marketing products that will help you organise your content, social, work,
and assets in one place.
CoSchedule is going to help you spend less time on the unproductive parts of your job. That’s why
CoSchedule is different.
More is being expected of you recently. But your organisation isn’t adding more marketing staff to handle
your ads, graphics, blog posts, and everything. So you’ve got to do more work in the same amount of


MockPlus is useful for design and collaboration. There are many features that MockPlus has. They are
i. Collaborate and handoff designs seamlessly online.
ii. Popular design tools are supported.
iii. We can see all pages and their relationships at a glance (Full View storyboard).
iv. Like these, there are many other features like adding page markup, comment mode, review
mode, development mode, online Hi-Fi interactive prototyping, main artboards+sub-artboards,
vector tools+shape combination, co-prototyping in real-time, state interactions+command
interactions, making perfect flowcharts using pages.

You can also upload product documents locally and review PRDS with your team in real-time.

MobileMonkey is a Facebook Messenger marketing platform that can be compared to many chats.
We can create a chatbot and also connect your chatbot to a Facebook page. For this, you can create
your first dialogue, set up keywords, set up your live chat, and even automatically send emails from your
chatbot. There are also premium features of MobileMonkey.

PlaceIt is used for designing everything you need. There is an accessor for all design templates,
markups, and videos in places. That means social media templates, flyers, business cards, logos,
markups, and even videos. It has a thousand apparel and digit device markups that take just seconds to

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