The who, what, why, and how of digital marketing

what is digital marketing

“Regular” internet usage among adults increased 5% in just the last 3 years. Even though we say it a lot, the way people save and buy genuinely has changed along with it. That means offline advertising isn’t always as effective as it was. Advertising has continually been about connecting with your target audience within the proper […]

How To Develop A Digital Marketing Plan For SAAS Businesses

Digital marketing for SaaS Business

Digital marketing for SAAS businesses is quite unique compared to other industries, even other B2B industries. So, when planning your SAAs digital marketing strategy, you should keep in mind that there will be common strategies that can work in other industries but won’t be as effective in the SAAS environment, and vice versa. In this […]

Founder Talk -Manish Chawla Founder of ViralBulls

founder viralbulls

My journey began with a dead end job and finished with me climbing new heights as the startup founder. Viral Marketing, Creative marketing, growth hacking and conversion rate optimization, content strategy, and public relations are just a few of the areas where I’ve worked. Storytelling, strategic planning, and brand identity implementation are all skills I […]

7 Tips on How to Know Your Customers Better

Recommendations on about to recognize Your Customers better – If you would like to stand out in our business you must have a keen interest upon on your customers and recognize your gift further as would- be customers – I mean extremely recognize them. Deeply and intimately. You need to be able to end their sentences. You need to understand what keeps them up in the dead of night, […]