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How to Start a Blog

A blog is content that is posted perpetually by one individual or a small bunch of people on the social media website or online page they created. It’s the content according to their followership which is in the form of conversational style.

The beginners for processing and handling the web page can be difficult. Writing blogs is also a tough task to do. This is the main objective that will enhance your online page. So, you need to take care and write the blog captivating and effectively.

When you write a blog for the first time you can observe several mistakes. But writing more blogs cannot improve your style or the base of your blogs. You should need to identify your mistakes and ensure not to repeat them.

Why you should start a blog or benefits of blogging:

You should first set your mindset that starting your blog or writing your blog you don’t need to be a great writer. People read blogs for their perspectives on things.

And to write a blog you don’t need to be a perfectionist on the respective topic you choose to write your blog on. You don’t need to excessively know about them from other sources.

For instance, if your blog topic is about gardening. You don’t need to know everything like more information about it. You can describe your experiences and other people’s experiences and write about them. You should know the common mistakes everyone does. In the beginning, it is enough to have a little knowledge but eventually, your web page enhances you can learn things according to your followership’s requests.

Blogging is all about sharing your knowledge with the world.

Why blogging:

Here are some reasons:

  1. You can share your experience
  2. You can find a community
  3. You can earn money at home
  4. You can bring recognition to yourself or your business

Steps to start a blog:

select a blog name:

You should choose or select a name for your blog. You should also ensure that the name you selected or chosen is not there on any other blogs on the internet or networking platforms.

You can not utilize any spaces or punctuations in a domain name. you can only use dashes in your domain name.

The domain name you select should be related to the content you are posting on your online page.

In case the name you wanted has already existed then you can:

  • You can shoot or attempt different extensions. There are many extensions like .com, .net, .org, etc
  • You can include small words like “my”, “best”, “the”, or “a”
  • You can include dashes between the words.


You must do the most important part which is selecting the topic you want to write about on your website. There are many unique niches you can write blogs on.

The following are the fine blog topics:

1. Personal blog: this describes everything about you. Here you can express how you feel and what’s on your mind. You can describe your daily routine or interesting things you have done.

It’s good to write personal blogs as you can share your thoughts with the world rather than writing on a particular topic.

2. Hobbies and passion: any hobbies you have and the hobbies you know can be shared and help people with similar interests if you write blogs about them. Hobbies can be dancing, singing, painting, cooking, sports, cars, etc. so, if you have a piece of experienced knowledge in your hobbies you can start a blog.

3. Life experience: the lessons you have learned in your life can be helpful for people out there. So, you can start writing blogs and this can be significantly and dynamically helpful to the people as you have incredible knowledge about them.

once you have decided on your domain and topic for your blog you should make your blog online.

Make your blog online:

To make your blog online you need 2 essentials. They are blog hosting or web hosting and blogging software. A company known as a blog host will pile up or store all blogs and provide them when your blog name or domain is asked. So, you need to have a blog host to blog.

As for software, we can use the most popular software for blogs. you can use WordPress blogging software to assemble your blog.

You can use any hosts you want. You can use BlueHost by following steps:

  1. Go to the BlueHost website and click on “get started now”
  2. You need to choose your plan. For beginners, it’s better to go with a beginner plan
  3. You can type your domain name in the respective box and click next for the registration process.
  4. You can fill in your payment details
  5. You can also select your hosting package and options
  6. You need to generate your BlueHost account with a passcode
  7. Install WordPress blogging software or platform

Customize your blog:

You need to login into your blog account and apply different themes to your page and change your blog design according to your content.

After you log in you will observe a WordPress dashboard where you can apply unique changes to your web page. In WordPress, you can change the total entire layout and design easily and conveniently.

Blog layouts are termed as themes, and they manage the entire design of your blog posts. You can observe there are many themes already present in your dashboard. You need to select the theme which enhances your blog. So, your theme should be neat and simple.

If you dislike the default theme you can utilize the themes on your dashboard. You can also install new themes on the dashboard.

How to write a blog and post it:

After your theme setting, you can start writing and posting your blogs on the website.

In the left menu, you can find “posts” click on that. You can see the default post there. There will be a default post on the WordPress blog. To delete a post, you can click on “trash”.

To write a new post click on the “add new”. You can see the post editor screen where you will enter the title of your post and start writing content. You can add pictures to your post by clicking on “add image”.

Content that must be on your blog:

There are two distinctive types of content you should produce. They are static content and dynamic content

Static content:

you need to make sure to provide the tools your visitor needs when they visit your page. This content is static because this content doesn’t change despite the content.

This should include:

  1. About me(us): this explains the author of the page. This answers how you are passionate about your blog.
  2. Contact me(us): this produces the page for the visitor to reach out to the author. This assures the reader that you are the real and convenient author.
  3. Disclaimer page
  4. Privacy policy
  5. Terms of services


Dynamic content:

This belongs to your content what you write according to the topic. This is where you captivate the audience with your writing skills and help people with your experience. The content you write can engage the audience and increase your page ranking. You need to make sure to post regular intervals of time.

You can write the finest and primer blog by:

  1. Engaging the reader
  2. Writing a content that is real and original
  3. Define the content
  4. Original photos
  5. Editing your blog after writing

You can post your content by clicking on launch on the BlueHost.

Promote your blog:

After posting your blog you need to people let know that you posted your blog. This can be done by promoting your blog on social media platforms.

By promoting you can observe the visitors to your blog. With great promotion skills, you can increase your page traffic.

You need to inform about the blog to your friends, family, and close ones. Ask them to visit and read your content ask for a review and thank them

You can use social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc to promote your content. So, interested people will visit your page. You can put the link on your social networking platform or update your story on social media. You can also update the link in the bio too. You can also promote by creating an email list.

You need to engage with your visitors. You can collaborate with other bloggers. You must post regularly.

Earn money from your blog:

After creating the blog, posting it, and promoting it you can earn money through your blogs.

You can’t make money eventually in the first week of your blogging. But, by posting continuously for months you can make money from your blogs if the traffic for your blogs is enhanced.

You need to also create good followership or audience for your blogs. If you put the effort into your blogs, you will increase your visitors which indirectly improves traffic and improves earnings.

You can set up Google AdSense. You can earn from it.