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How to Create a YouTube Channel

You can explore your business by creating a YouTube channel for your business. This creates a lot of business awareness about your brand or product, and it can make customers or consumers visit your page and can become your loyal followership.

So, you need to utilize every aspect to improve your business. One of the most important marketing can be done on YouTube too. Many folks watch YouTube for information, entertainment, or any other reasons.

YouTube is an online platform where people can upload informative, comics, tips, and experience videos and can be seen by all the people over the world. YouTube is the most popular online platform. You can use this YouTube by creating an account in it and uploading your business informative videos to your account. YouTube also has likes, dislikes, comments, and views mechanisms. The more the views, likes, and comments the more traffic for your videos. You can provide the links or URL to the website in your YouTube videos. So, if your viewer liked your information and are interested in your brand or product user can visit your page.

If you don’t have a YouTube account for your business. Here is how you do it:

  1. You need to log in to your existing Google account. If you don’t have an account sign in to a new Google account and use it only for YouTube business purposes.
  2. Visit your YouTube page and choose the name for your YouTube channel.
  3. You need to complete all other business details as you are creating a business account.
  4. You need to initiate the logo and artwork for your business account.
  5. Complete your account description.
  6. You need to establish promoted channels and activities.
  7. Then you are ready to upload your business content.

Sign in to a Google account:

You require a Google account to create a YouTube channel or account. You can use your account that already exists or creates a new account, especially for YouTube business purpose. Creating a new account is better because you can use your personal and business account more efficiently this way. Your account and your business account can be differentiated.

If you are creating a new account, you don’t need to use your business name. YouTube allows you to use your business name there.

Establish your YouTube channel name:

After you created the Google account you can visit the YouTube homepage and to modify your account you can click on the avatar on the top right corner and click on my channel to get a few more options.

Further, you will get a screen that will ask you about your first and last name. you can use your name here as YouTube provides a separate space for your business name for your channel.

Enter all your business details:

You can click on customize channel to enter the business details so that YouTube acknowledges your account. You can observe the screen like the above picture. It gives you hints on what your YouTube channel requires.

Establish your channel logo and artwork:

You should make your channel good and simple for the viewers who visit your channel. You should be ready with your YouTube channel logo. The logo can be your brand logo or product logo which represents your brand. Make sure you keep your logo’s same on every business page you have. Having a different logo picture can confuse your audience or customers which is a disadvantage to your business. If you update your logo you need to update it everywhere where your logo is present in your accounts.

Here are the dimensions of the pictures you need to use on YouTube:

  • Channel icon or logo can be 800*80 pixels and display can be 98*98 pixels.
  • Channel banner can be of 2560*1440 pixels, the dimensions suitable for mobile and web is 1546*432 pixels.


These pictures are of high range and need to be clean and clear without any trimming or cropping shown in them. You can utilize resources like Canva to edit and customize your banners and icons. Canva has unique templates you can use

Fill out your channel description:

Here is the description you write is important and can lead to long-term followers for your channel. It can make a good impression on your viewers. It can also make the audience interested in your product or brand and can make them visit your website or online pages.

channel description describes the business task or a greeting message. Channel description is like an About page on the website or online page. It gives an idea to your viewers or audience about the

content you post on your YouTube channel. It gives the topics you cover on your YouTube channel.

You can also include the links or call-to-action. You can also include business emails.

You can adjoin your links to your homepage, social profiles, and any other places you would like to add so that it can enhance your YouTube traffic. These links can improve the chances of your traffic conforming to the long-term followership of your brand.

YouTube permits to include five links and customizable hyperlink text of up to 30 characters.

YouTube includes your site’s social link to your channel banner to ensure it’s available and accessible for viewers.

You need to remember that your description should not have any keywords. The description should be genuine about what you feel your channel is about so that the audience can connect to your perspective and this way you can gain long-term and loyal viewers.

Need to establish promoted channels and activity:

YouTube is also a kind of section or community like other social networks. You can be an active participant in the community, or a group implies following other people’s channels, liking their video contents, by allowing your audience to know you are in your industry.

You can provide some love for your fellow channels by liking their content. It is a good significant strategy to make your YouTube business channel pop up active if you don’t want to post on your channel.

You can spotlight or call attention to industry or influencers and make sure this is not applied to your competitors.

You can like the content you really and genuinely love and the content which captivates you. You must avoid controversial content. It can make you popular in a good way and a bad way.

You should set up your channel you have subscriptions and liked videos so viewers can see them.